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Dedicated to the Wellbeing of your Pet....

Owning a pet can be a life affirming experience and a treasured addition to your family but how can you juggle the needs of your furry friend with long work hours and a busy,sometimes exhausting schedule?

This is where WAGS can help. A walk enriches a dog's life experience, reduces boredom, anxiety and other behavioral issues that can arise for a home alone pet.

DBS checked, trained in Pet First Aid, a qualified Professional Dog Walker, fully insured and a Licensed Professional Dog Walker, WAGS offers you the piece of mind that your pet is receiving the care you wish you could give yourself.


Ad Hoc walks?

Purchase a block of 10 walks to receive
a £10 discount

*Terms & conditions apply - subject to availability.

A good walk not only exercises a dog physically but also provides a different environment to challenge and stimulate his senses.


Inactivity puts a dog at risk of developing behavioural problems such as excessive barking, destructive chewing and separation anxiety.

WAGS can support you with your walking schedule - a tired dog is a happy dog!

How much damage can a home alone pet do in eight hours? Is this something you need to be worrying about when you should be focused on work?

WAGS offers flexible Pet Sitting and Home Visits that work around you and your pets needs.

The arrival of a new puppy is a life changing event for everyone involved. One minute the puppy is curled up with his litter mates and the next minute he is all alone in a new, unfamiliar place.


During this initial adjustment period it is important that your puppy gets sufficient attention and interaction which is where WAGS can help if you can't always be there.

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