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Puppy Playtime

The first few weeks of life in a new home can be strange and frightening for a puppy but as an owner, life must go on and that may mean leaving him on his own.

Puppies are not born social animals so they need to be exposed to different environments and interactions to help grow their confidence. That does not require that you spend every waking moment with your puppy. Time alone exploring his new home is also important but the day should be broken up with periods of activity.

WAGS can assist with regular visits to address your puppy's needs. During the early weeks this will involve acclimatising your puppy to human touch and supporting the house training process. As time progresses basic commands will be taught and reinforced. Once your puppy is vaccinated, initially we suggest short solo walks to allow for careful socialisation with other dogs and outdoor practise of walking to heel and recall commands.

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